Company Overview
At Zobia, we continue to explore, how emerging art and technology can empower design, creativity and innovation in Zobia

The Company

Zobia Designs is my brainchild - Danny Dadi-Sekibo a creative practitioner is the Founder/Creative Director, living in London of Nigerian parentage, the original Zobia brand, was founded in 1989, over twenty five years ago, as one of the original contemporary multi branded retail concepts and former Director at IBW film festival. Zobia was a truly independent fashion retailer/designer in mens and womenswear and accessories. We offered an eclectic mix of high profile brands to directional casual wear, own designed label and exciting fashionable street wear labels.

Zobia was also one of the foremost independent inspirational and directional casual wear retailer in the city of London (the Broadgate building-Bishopsgate) in early 1990 and locations in Wimbledon-South London, Twickenham-Middlesex, Windsor-Berkshire, Hatfield and St Albans in Hertfordshire.

As a branded retailer, we offered not only cutting edge fashion but also uphold the dedication to creativity and personality. Attention to details as much as offering great depth in the product range. Since at Zobia, we believe clothing is the fourth bodily function, after breathing, eating and sleeping. So one of the fundamental pleasures of the human body is to cloth it and fashion becomes pretty important.  

I recognized there was a gap in the British menswear market, specifically one in which those of foreign backgrounds could tell their own stories honestly and with integrity in the existing fashion narrative.

Now re-entering the market with own brand menswear and accessories with the same ethos; upholding the dedication to creativity and personality and attention to details as much as offering great depth and consistency in the product range. An eclectic mix of Contemporary and Inspirational smart casual designs; high profile designs in directional casual wear and exciting fashionable smart capsule collection that is luxurious and utilitarian; Ideal for work, day or evening wear pieces. 

Speaking from my retail experience, men are fashion’s biggest repeat customers, so consistency counts for a brand. It’s a question of constantly perfecting, constantly creating exquisitely crafted products that men buy into again and again, and that only pays off over time. We offer different fits in the collection. Once someone gets to know their fit, they can purchase/order online and know the clothes will work for them. It’s consistency, nothing else.

The emphasis at Zobia now, was and still focused on the emerging markets in Africa specifically Nigeria, Ghana and the Caribbean where we aim to match our experience from Europe with the vibrant fledging potential of these markets, with the view to creating the favourite labels of the future, and proudly present our:


New exquisite collection; contemporary interpretations and marries African aesthetics with classic designed tailored garments in African prints such as the Dutch hollandaise, Indonesian designed batik, and African ankra and bazin fabrics. Showcasing the flamboyant African culture as trendy modern and desirable garments, as a platform to marketing the great potential the continent offers. Articulating a symbiosis between the old continent, and the energy and the vibrant colours of the emerging continent. Using fashion as cultural translator in maintaining the equilibrium between symbols and style as the narrative. Infinite exotic African prints designed with Africa’s visual art form, expressed through the lines of European and English craftsmanship that transmits a sensual elegance, proud and bold but never ostentatious.