Mixed-Gender Shows

At Zobia Designs, we’re now exploring the possibility of mixed-gender collaboration in bringing the Zobia menswear and Vaness M'Boge womenswear brands into economic and creative logic of showing both lines together and on other platforms.

We’re taking this pathway, just as much as marketing as a tool for editorial and retail, as we feel this will give us a bigger impact for investment. We therefore, see this synergy as a new sense of fluidity and freedom in the industry and will help buyers view both collections together and help them merchandise the menswear and womenswear brands together in their stores.

We’re also departing from the traditional autumn/winter and spring/summer collections to a contemporary four collections that crosses over the seasons – short and forward order

https://youtu.be/dfieIissdr0 This is our first collaboration with Vaness M'Boge womenswear brand for autumn/winter 2016/17 photoshoot. 










































Danny Sekibo